Your own lowrider like you want it!

Impalas, Bel Airs and Cadillacs. In the Lowrider Coloring Book, you will color the classic and most popular Lowrider models. Lowrider culture reaches back to 1930s Los Angeles, where it became popular for style-conscious Latino-Americans to load their cars with sandbags to bring it closer to the road. Style was everything, and when lowered cars were banned in California in the 1950s, it became necessary to find a way to raise and lower the car simply to avoid fines.

The solution was to use hydraulics from old fighter planes left over from World War II. Numerous westcoast rappers in the late 80´s and early 90´s, and since then, the cars are closely associated with hip hop culture. Today, lowriding is bigger than ever with thousands of enthusiasts in most parts of the world. All strive to outdo each other with the most elegant varnish, interior, hydraulics, chrome and rims.

The custom cars you’ll be coloring in the Lowrider Coloring Book were converted by some of the best and most legendary enthusiasts.

What color is your Lowrider?

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What people think of the Lowrider Coloring Book.


Boss Dogg, K-Line Connection

“As much as I love to color these 31 lowriders, I find my kids always find a faster/”better” way to do it than I do.”



“– Got’em today – they are awesome. Before i had it in my hand i thought that u made them in photoshop or illustrator, i didn’t realize they were actually drawings but they could still be scanned in and sold as clip art or a brush set for photoshop. GREAT WORK ON THIS MAN – i really dig it and hope you do another.” 



“–Just got my cloring book today…. Looks amazing man!!! Great quality and very original idea!!! Thanks Oscar!!”



“–Oscar, I got my copies this morning. The coloring book looks great!!! Thanks.” 



“–Got three in the mail yesterday, super high quality, not your average coloring book. Can’t wait too add some color. Thanks!”"



“–Got mine yesterday and they look AWESOME! It full of real lowrider shit in there, not some cheesy garbage some big company came up with to try to make a buck. I was very impressed with the high quality as well. Ill tell all my friends that have kids about it. Thank you!”


el peyotoro

“–I just saw Mr Cartoon has a video and picture of your coloring book on his website blog. thats a big time plug homie congrats!! Check it out at



“–Got my books yersterday! Really nice work Oscar! Big up!”


ol e

“–This Book is of the hizzay fo shizzay my nigg!! thanx oscar. Just got one today, and oscar daam sho did a good job.Thanx from BenG. Keep holdn it down for the lowrider nation homeboy!”




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